Parking, Lockers & Security

Parking on school grounds during school hours is intended for our guests, staff and students who have a valid parking tag. Any violation will result in a school ticket. See Administration if you have any questions.

Student Parking

At the beginning of the school year, once you pay for parking and fill out the student parking form, you will be issued a parking tag. If you only paid for the fall semester, you will be issued a fall parking tag and will need to pay for the spring semester before you can park on school grounds. Failure to comply will result in a ticket and, possibly, not being able to park on school grounds.

How much does the parking pass cost?

$125 for full year and $62.50 for one semester. The price will go down $12.50 each month starting the beginning of the school year.

How do I get a parking pass?

Fill out:
– Application/Agreement for Student Parking Permit – Click here to fill out the form
- Parent/Teen Safe Driving Contract - Click here to download
– Pay the Parking fee
– Turn in Application with proof of payment to the Campus Supervisors

Is my parking pass good for the entire school year?

Yes, if you paid for a full year at the beginning of the school year.

What should do if I lost my parking pass?

See a Campus Supervisor and you will be issued and new pass #.

What happens if I give my parking pass to another student?

Parking passes are not transferable without Administrative approval


All students must sign a locker agreement in order to receive a locker. Lockers are assigned at registration and are the student’s responsibility through graduation. Lockers are assigned to one student and only one student and must not be shared with anyone. Locker combinations should not be shared with anyone, under any circumstances. During the last week of school, students must clean out their lockers for summer cleaning. Items left in lockers after this date will be donated.

What if I forgot my locker combination?

See a Campus Supervisor and you will be given your combination.

What if I don’t like where my locker is located?

See a Campus Supervisor and based on availability you MAY be assigned a new locker

What if I am not assigned a locker?

Please fill out this form and Bari will get you a locker and combination.

Student IDs

All students will be issued a student ID during ID Picture Day or during make-ups after school begins. Your student ID is free; however, should you lose that ID, there is a $5 replacement fee per new ID card.

If you loose your student ID, first go to the front office and pay the $5 fee. Then see a Campus Supervisor for a replacement ID.

Lost and Found

Remember to lock your locker and do not leave your belongings unattended. Valuable lost and found items such as electronics and keys will be kept in the Campus Supervisor’s office. Please see a Campus Supervisor to retrieve these items. If you lose or misplace something of lesser value (i.e. clothing, books, notebooks), look for it in the “Lost and Found Closet” located in the Commons.

If you have information on a theft please let either the Main Office, a Campus Supervisor or Safe To Tell know.

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